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Exclusive Content Pack

Each Issue comes packaged with original - never before seen- 3D content . Get exclusive textures for clothing, and accessories for your own anime characters and even furniture to build your world.

Directory Listing

The Directory Listing Section provides links to marketplaces where you can get 1000s of royalty-free resources to use to create anime characters.As the magazine grows more and more links will be added!

Article and Post

Learn something new as we share with you the ins and out of the month's theme.Every issue will have its share of creative puzzles and poems for you to muse over.


Artists- you can win one-of-a-kind clothing textures for 3D clothing items to give your anime characters a unique look. Every issue also has a gift certificate giveaway from one of the top 3D content stores to help you build your anime characters and their world.

Handbook and Built

These sections focuses on buildings and interiors- in other words- world-building, teaching you how to source free items and tutorials as well as finding useful software for your creative pipeline


Bel-Social on deviantART is the online art community where you can share your manga/anime artworks, comment on other artworks and win members-only prizes. Both creators and fans are welcome to join Bel-Social.

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Included in the December/January Edition is:

  • 1 Copy of Bel December/January(PDF),
  • An exclusive content pack with 3D content for creators (ZIP files)
  • A collectible textless Front Cover and Bonus Images for fans.
  • Christmas present: free OnTrend Romper for Chibibel (worth $4)

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Terms and Conditions (T&Cs)

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Please note that we can not be held liable for any damages incurred by you or your computer from the usage of our product.

Each issue of Bel Magazine (PDF) is available for non-commercial use but the 3D content included in the content packs is for both non-commercial and commercial use .

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Contact us

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What are BelBel and Chibibel?

BelBel and Chibibel are manga/anime style 3D models that are available for purchase. Art created using these anime girls can be for commercial and non-commercial (personal) use.

These royalty- free figures can be used as the blank canvas for your anime characters. Create your anime series - create the next hit manga - and sell it too.

Although you require 3D software to use them, those unstylish 3D glasses are not required to view your art!

- Bel Staff

What do I need to create 3D art?

The 3D Software packages which are recommended for use with Chibibel and BelBel are DAZ Studio or Poser start at prices as low as $50. .

If you are lucky you can still get DAZ Studio 4 for free (free for a limited time)- making these packages some of the most affordable art creation tools you can buy.

The 3D software packages are also licensed for commercial use as well as non-commercial use.This means you can sell your art and create that project without having to worry about costly upgrades or licensing issues which you might have with more expensive software!

Bel Magazine will also feature tutorials which will show you just how to get started and get your art looking great.

ps: We use the very same software packages to create the actual magazine and the 3D content we give away ;).

-Bel Staff

What else do I need in order to read the magazine, use the content etc?

You will mostly need commonly used programs - you might have them already! You will need programs that can open
  • .PDF files to view the magazine
  • .ZIP files to open the content packs
  • an Image viewer for .JPG,.BMP,.PNG files to see your free artworks
  • and then DAZ Studio or Poser to make your art

There are many free programs out there which can fulfil the requirements- we have put a list together for you on the magazine download page to help you with this.

7zip (free) is used to open ZIP files so download that first and then download Acrobat Reader (Free) -if you don't already have it- as it is a widely used software program used for opening PDF files.We have also provided links to the 3D software DAZ Studio 4 and Irfanview which is a free image viewer.

Best of all is once you have them- it will be smooth sailing for the rest of the issues of Bel Magazine. You will also find them useful for other things - not just for Bel Magazine so they are well worth the time spent downloading them.

-Bel Staff

Is this in English- and why is the price so low?

Bel magazine is published in English and Japanese - all in one issue. So everything you see in Japanese can be read in English. This is just one of the way we want to give our readers the same experience when they read the magazine. We are currently working on translating the Bel-Social community as well but for now Bel-Social does not support Japanese.

Oh! Why is the price so low? - simple,It's a matter of exchange rates really. There are many anime/manga fans outside of the US,UK ,EU and Japan, while the customers from UK, US, Japan and the EU have the benefit of a stronger currency- so can generally pay a slightly higher price -other customers aren't so fortunate.

Because of the current global economic situation, exchanges rates are going up and down - and up and down- this can cause chaos to all our buyers' budgets- no matter where they are from. The Bel Staff is based in South Africa, which as you know, is not in US, UK,EU or Japan so we really do know how it feels when your currency isn't doing so well and everything just seems to cost MORE MORE and MORE. :)

Thinking of this we decided to keep our prices at a super low US$2.99 for all customers in order to counter this - meaning that every reader should have a chance to get a copy of their favourite magazine without having to worry about what the markets are like that morning.

-Bel Staff

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